Volunteer Resources
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This guide serves to help volunteers become familiar with the process of obtaining information as a CASA on a newly assigned case.

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You just got your first case! Watch this video to find out what your next steps will be!

Business Conference

Learn all about CFTMs and how to advocate for your court-appointed child during these important meetings.

Judge Gavel

Preparing for court for the first time? Here are some tips to help it all run smoothly!

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Use this template to help write your next court report.

Pages of Book

This complete guide will help you gain an understanding of everything to include in your court report, plus court procedures, layout, etiquette, and more!

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CASA of Floyd County's Volunteer Policy and Procedure Handbook.

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Please use this report to document any incidences that have occurred.

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Please use this report to file any grievances you may have.


Please send grievance reports to jessica@floydcountycasa.org