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CASA Ambassadors

The role of the CASA Ambassador is to help promote awareness of the organization through representing CASA at community events and speaking engagements, as well as by hosting their own gatherings to spread the mission of the program.

Ambassadors are considered CASA's voice in the community. 

Job Description
  • Work in a collaborative environment and brainstorm strategies for educating the community about CASA. 

  • Research speaking opportunities, events to attend, and potential business, faith, and community partnerships.

  • ​Share posts on social media, distribute marketing materials within the community, and network on behalf of CASA

  • Offer support to other CASA ambassadors at tabling events

  • Provide feedback on other outreach efforts. 

  • Along with the Volunteer Coordinator, help determine proper target audiences and outreach opportunities. 

Time Committment

  • Quarterly volunteer meetings

  • Attend Ambassador Training

  • Host two events per year


  • Enjoys people and networking

  • Driven to engage with CASA and the community

  • Can represent CASA in at least two events per year

Ready to take the next step

Become a CASA Ambassador

For questions about CASA ambassadorship or to start the application process, click the button below.

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