Scott Stewart | Acting Director |

Scott Stewart is the Acting Director. He is a graduate of Indiana University Southeast. Scott has great experience leading teams. His previous positions include Director of the Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville, Director of Strategy for the Indiana Department of Transportation, Senior Policy Director for Governor Mitch Daniels, and he worked on the Marketing & Communications team at Proctor & Gamble. Scott joined CASA’s board of directors on July 1, 2019, serving as board president through September 2020, at which time he became acting director. Scott’s passion for children was originally inspired by working closely with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, the founder of Boston Children’s Hospital Child Development Unit. Scott has also served on the education foundations boards of the Boone County Schools (KY) and the New Albany-Floyd County Schools (IN). Scott believes there is no greater challenge to our country and community than investing in our children. There are incredible challenges…and rewards…in serving children who have been abused or neglected.

Cheryl Schy | Program Director |

Cheryl Schy is the Program Director. She attended Bradley University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Cheryl spent the majority of her career in Technology Project & Operations Management, including roles at Accenture and Humana. Most recently, she was co-owner of a healthcare auditing firm, where she served as the Operations Director and managed the firm’s Dependent Audit Services, including their call center operations. Cheryl became a CASA volunteer in March 2016, serving on many cases and volunteering in the office before joining the staff in September 2020. Cheryl says that CASA captured her heart immediately and she has witnessed firsthand how CASA volunteers give children a chance at having a better outcome in a system that can seem overwhelming and overburdened.

Kerma Hopewell | Program Coordinator |

Kerma Hopewell is the Program Coordinator. She attended Indiana University Southeast and majored in psychology. Kerma worked at Kroger for 35 years where she learned to resolve issues for countless problems and found joy in helping people have a little bit better of a day. Kerma says she believes the “small things” matter! She became a volunteer in 2011 and was hired on staff in 2014. Kerma says her heart has always been drawn to the vulnerable in our society. Kerma emphasizes that in advocating for the best interests of the child, we can empower the whole family by ensuring they receive and know of all the services, resources and support available in our community. One thing Kerma has learned is that some people in our community do not reaching their potential due to circumstances they have no control over, and it would be a shame to lose those talents, gifts, and value. She considers herself very blessed to be part of the program and to be surrounded by the wonderful people CASA works with and for.

Courtney Roberts | Staff Advocate |

Courtney Roberts is a Staff Advocate. Courtney is in her senior year completing her bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in Child and Family Services. She has worked in elementary education as well as for the State of Indiana assisting applicants with Medicaid and Food Stamp resources. Courtney became a CASA in May of 2019, first working as the Volunteer Coordinator in Washington County and later transferring to Floyd County to work as a Staff Advocate. Courtney became involved with CASA because she saw a huge need for strengthening families. Courtney believes children thrive in environments of stability and love, as well as with their parents when possible. When it is not safe for children to remain with their parents, she believes they need an unbiased voice advocating for their best interests.

Carrie Faith | Staff Advocate |

Carrie Faith is a Staff Advocate. She holds an associate degree in Hospitality Management. In 2007 Carrie began working in Special Education within the school system. She later went on to become the Enrichment Coordinator for a non- profit in Louisville that works with adults with disabilities. In that position Carrie taught reading and continuing education and became involved in advocacy for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Carrie became a CASA in November of 2019 when she joined the team as a Staff Advocate. Carrie and her husband were foster parents for several years and in that time she came to quickly understand the need for children to have a voice in the system. Carrie believes CASA provides an essential part in the lives of children and families in crisis.

Dawn Adkins | Triage Specialist |

Dawn Adkins is a Triage Specialist. Prior to moving to the New Albany area in 2015, Dawn was the tubing buyer for a steel company in Indianapolis. She also ran two small family businesses. Dawn became a CASA volunteer in October 2017 and served on many cases until acquiring her position as Triage Specialist in August of 2020. Dawn says she has always been pulled toward helping those who cannot help themselves, especially children, making CASA the perfect fit for her.

Allie Bihl | Volunteer Support & Training Manager |

Allie Bihl is the Volunteer Support & Training Manager. She graduated from Bellarmine University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Allie joined the CASA of Floyd County staff in November 2020 and was officially sworn in as an officer of the court in February 2021. She became interested in CASA after hearing about it from a friend who believed her background in psychology and love for children made her a great fit for the organization. Allie has always had a passion for children. She has been a nanny for many families and as a youth swim team coach for 4 years she has seen firsthand how important it is for a child’s development, to feel that they are loved and supported. Allie says that as cliché as it sounds, children truly are the future and believes it is society's duty to make sure these children are nurtured, so they can be the positive change the world hopes to see.

Jessica Staten | Executive Director |

Jessica Tandy Staten has joined the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Floyd County as its new Executive Director. Staten most recently served as Director of Communications at the Homeless Coalition of Southern Indiana, where she held multiple roles including Director of Operations. Staten, who holds a business degree from Butler University, brings years of private and nonprofit sector experience including five years leading program development, fundraising efforts, grant writing, donor relations, volunteer recruitment, and marketing/communication activities for non-profit organizations. Staten is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of CASA of Floyd County, recruiting CASA volunteers, improving awareness of the organization and the plight of the children it serves, and raising funds to sustain the organization.

  • Alyssa Cochran, Board President

  • Pam Kraft, Treasurer

  • Scott Stewart, Interim Director

  • Michelle Portwood

  • Dick Peterson

  • Steve Roberts

  • Alan Singleton

  • Judge Terrence Cody, Floyd County Circuit


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